Guess what? Refusing MMR has consequences.

Andrew Wakefield, the man who made (up) a connection between the MMR jab and various conditions like MMR and bowel conditions, could be construed as an accessory to manslaughter at least[1].

Now even the Guardian classes are beginning to feel the pinch as immunisation falls below herd level and their children are in danger from measles and its consequences.

The man is an arse.

[1] I construe it. You can never tell, but with measles in London rising 20-fold in the last few years almost solely attributed to him, I’m happy to make the link.

  1. #1 by John at May 6th, 2009

    I have little tolerance when, without credible evidence, vaccine companies are labelled as negligent when referring to the health of their clients. They may be accused by their antagonists as being money-grubbing, greedy, profit-driven and selective but they are NOT criminally irresponsible when it comes to the health of their patients. Some companies may make a few mistakes – some of them costly, cruel and stupid. They pay the price in that case. The guilty get convicted, sued, or lose market share/credibility. But to claim that there is a overall plot among pharma to pull the wool over the eyes of patients by flogging a bunch of dodgy vaccines is criminally libellous, stupid and dangerous to public health. And I have a professional obligation to protect public health.

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