Creationist nuttery

One of my litmus tests for cockbucketworthiness (great word) is that it’s localised. Anything that isn’t particularly global is the sure sign that it’s made up and by definition, bonkers. Good examples of this are the MMR crap in the UK and fundamentalist delusions in the US like creationism or better still “The Rapture”. What kind of awesome made up bollocks is that?

The beauty of creationism is that it layers a layer of denial, six days vs. a few billion years, over a wider delusion, that stuff was consciously made rather than just happened.

So now, courtesy of the awesomely curmudgeonly-in-a-good-way PZ Meyers we have a teacher in the US being legally castigated for describing creationism as “religious, superstitious nonsense”. Well good for the teacher. But alas, the law defends the rights of the deluded over and above what I always understood as the sacrosanct freedom of speech.

Screw you hippy. Creationism, indeed all religion is superstitious nonesense and the judge in this case is well deserving of being nominated as a bucket of cock.

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