The Catholic church has lost all credibility. Go away.

The VaticanAs what can best be described as a “secular Catholic”, I’ve remained untouched (fnarr) by the whole child abuse business. The US wing has had to pay out a metric fuckload in reparations and the Irish church has been similarly roasted. As usual, PZ has scathing commentary on the whole business.

How can anyone in the Catholic church try to hold the moral high ground after this? Never mind that the church’s stance on condoms in Africa is condemning the continent to an AIDS epidemic, complete with one nutjob who reckons European-made condoms are infected with HIV deliberately.

So any religious type who tries to tell you that you can’t have morality without religion, feel free to agree. But it seems that the morality is immorality.

Even Mo isn’t impressed.

How about REALLY distributing all that wealth and power to the poor and needy, just like that Jesus bloke suggested?

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