Chiropractics in more retreat

In a very slick move, a chiropractic association are entreating their members to withdraw most of the claims about chiropractic from their literature and web sites. In other good news there appear to be over 500 complaints under the advertising standards or trading standards codes. Go for it.

Quackometer notes that the altered sited have been archived. Go internets!

Oh, and chiropractic’s research numbers don’t stack up.

Looks like chiropractors can’t even cover their own backs. Heh.

On a personal note, what’s been interesting about this is that a friend, a perfectly right-on, rational ex-Googler, has managed to convert an anecdote, his personal journey from debilitating, morphine-sucking, lower back pain into the data that chiro in general works. I’d like to see physios and masseurs setting up as a control group of quacks and then we’d see what fell out of the study.

The comments on PZ’s blog also show a non-trivial level of anecdotage.

  1. #1 by Av at June 15th, 2009

    I would be said rational ex-googler.

    First I would like to state *very clearly* that I absolutely do NOT believe in “vertebral subluxation”. I believe that problems in our bodies are caused by a host of conditions, and cannot all be magically cured by re-aligning your spine.

    What I do believe, is that there are certain *very specific* cases when vertebral adjustments, along with exercise, can be of significant benefit.

    My personal condition when acute is the result of poor posture during my childhood and teenage years, and results in a few small nerves getting pinched because two vertebrae have “slipped” far from their optimal position.

    There are two possible treatments:
    1. Ongoing “chiropractic” treatments on a semi-regular / as needed basis
    2. Radical surgery with a 10% success rate and 50% chance of leaving me without the use of my legs.

    The “chiropractic” treatments I receive in the US are exactly the same as the physiotherapy treatments I receive in the UK. They involve massage, muscle workouts, posture practice, and yes re-alignment when needed for severe cases.

    There are aspects of what chiropractors do which are quite sound and rational. As long as you don’t ask a surgeon for their opinion because it will always be “surgery is best”. No, it’s not :-)
    So that leaves only one other option.

    This is not anecdotal, I’ve just given you hard data. It’s only a data sample of one, but it’s one which cannot be refuted.
    Chiro, physio, call it what you will. That specific aspect of it works well. I have nothing to do with the rest!

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