Jesus and Mo discuss the tree stump Virgin Mary

Oh, chaps. I love you and want your babies.

It’s almost like the barmaid reads the cockbucket.

There’s still a lot of incredulity and even outrage there. It looks like the powers are trying to hide behind the “it’s a constitutional requirement” defence, but chaps, your economic miracle might be in the shitter for now, but it’s really no excuse to make the entire country a laughing stock on the outer fringes of the civilised world.

The potential upfuck, which has been pointed out, is that if the padré warning people about not worshipping the virgin tree stump offends enough of the devout (-ly stupid) and they complain, he could get done for blasphemy.

Hilarity would most certainly ensue.

Anyhows, some more links for youe reading pleasure:

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