More disgusting Catholic revelations

Double whammy from the NSS:

Catholic Church braces itself for more damning revelations. The church actively colluded in protecting pedophile priests.

The Vatican’s obduracy claims another 70,000 innocent lives. And that’s just from dodgy abortions. Let’s not get started on HIV in Africa.

Still, it didn’t stop a million Spanish taking to the streets to encourage more unnecessary deaths. I really hope the Spanish government hold firm in its stance against these superstitious people.

And let’s not talk about the woman scraped to death by seashells. Oh wait, that was the 5th Century. Call off the hounds. Still the cock-hats are worried that it’ll stir up hate. Newsflash: raping children then covering up is doing fine in that department already.

They’re beginning to make me feel warm towards the clams who have been rather quiet of late.

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