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Schools deny girls cervical cancer jab on religious grounds

Schools deny girls cervical cancer jab on religious grounds.

“Girls in some English schools are being denied a cervical cancer vaccination on religious grounds.  The vaccine, which is potentially life-saving, is routinely offered to girls aged 12 to 13.  However, an investigation has found that some schools in England are opting out of the vaccination programme, and that most of these schools also failed to inform local GPs of their decision.  One of the schools denying girls the vaccine claimed that their pupils ‘follow Christian principles, marry within their own community and do not practise sex outside marriage’. ”

Lovely. The wonderful, caring “religious” types, condemning those in their care to potential disease and death through some broken moral stance. String ‘em up.

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Woo-mongers kill another one.

Refusing chemo “because the toxins are what caused the cancer”. Fuckers. Shoot the bloody lot of ‘em.

Rogue Medica lays it on the line: “Wishful thinking is not an alternative to real medicine.”

The full, sad, pathetic story of the human cost of woo.

Counterknowledge should die. And that includes stupid “Christians” who think the world is 6000 years old. As bad as new-agers and anti-vaxxers.

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Anti-vaxxers are freeriders

Lovely article by an actual professor on how vaccine refuseniks (does that make them sound any more sinister?) are freeloading on the back of the people who do the right thing.

Good comments too.

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Oprah fails at…everything?

Poor Oprah. She can’t do anything right at the moment.

First up, the wonderfully irritable PZ Meyers has a suggestion for Oprah, regarding the odious anti-vax woman. I especially like the way he quotes Oprah’s missive in comic sans. He modestly quotes his in a simple serifed font, but maybe an olde Victorian Gothic script would be better. Dripping venom. That is only poisonous to the stupids.

Slate has a good swipe at Oprah regarding “bioidentical hormones”, Jenny McCarthey and the exceptionally stupid “The Secret”. It’s worth wading through the free pass rubbish to see what a literate kicking they give her.

Is it time for Oprah to step aside? Or ‘fess up and hire a team of fact-checkers instead.


Measles outbreak “worst in years”

Ben Goldacre commenting on this article: “Take a bow, morons“.

Let’s say this again. It’s only a matter of time before a child is damaged or killed by the effects of measles.

In a perverse way, I’m looking forward to how the Daily Mail reports it. As long as the affected family is white, middle-class and in work of course.

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Measles outbreak in Hartlepool

And so Hartlepool, with an immunisation level of 80% has an outbreak of measles. 11 cases confirmed and 60-odd more suspected.

I was about to ramble on in the usual way, but the little voice in my head said something particularly evil. I wonder how many of those children had the MMR vaccine deliberately withheld by their parents. And if one of those children dies or is severely damaged by an entirely preventable disease, whether those parents should be prosecuted for neglect or abuse or somesuch. Or would their hand-wringing angst be punishment enough?


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Anti-vaxxer endorsed by Oprah

PZ biles very well over this so I’ll leave him to it.

So we now live in a society where a Playboy model, hanging out with a tooth-curlingly awful Hollywood star gets a slot on TV under the auspices of the black, female[1] Jesus of our times.

One more time: the most powerful woman on American TV who can propel nonsense like “The Secret” to the top of the bestsellers list is now endorsing someone who wants children to get measles and all the complications  that may follow.

Just in case you’re in any doubt about the dangers of measles Roald Dahl lost a daughter to it.

[1] I was tempted to throw fat in as well and go with a Buddha metaphor but bottled out.

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Jenny McCarthy Body Count

This is an anti-cockbucket of epic proportions. A simple body count of how many people have been killed by stupidity.

Note: this is nothing like being killed in the face by a bear.

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An MMR news story that failed to happen

That’s odd. The Fail is salivating over the release of “secret” government documents under the FOI. Uh, it’s months after the documents were released. Could it be that there was nothing in there of interest?

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